• Diana Casanova

    Chief Executive Officer

    Diana Casanova is developer and manager at Intellectum Tech. She coordinates projects, leads the development team, optimizes processes and develops with a special focus on user friendliness.


  • Natalia Cadena

    Quality Assurance

    Natalia Cadena is responsible for the Quality Assurance at Intellectum Tech, where she prioritizes and organizes multiple tasks effectively.


  • Patrick Ulrich

    Sales and Marketing Manager

    Patrick Ulrich is Sales and Marketing Manager at Intellectum Tech. Among his responsibilities, there are the attractivity of the company’s services in the market and the sales of services.


  • Pedro Flores

    Senior Developer

    Pedro Flores is Senior Developer at Intellectum Tech. He leads the development team through Front-End and Back-End, as he keeps himself in the forefront of the development tools and languages.